The Ministry of Economy increased the cost of the electric vehicle support program from 418 to 777 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Economy has made changes to the draft concept for the development of production and use of electric transport in Russia until 2030. As Kommersant reported, initially it assumed investments of 418 billion rubles. In the new version of the document, the cost of the program is estimated at 777 billion rubles, Vedomosti reports.

The concept for the development of electric transport was supplemented with measures to localize vehicles using hydrogen fuel cells, as well as to create a hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Plans have expanded to support demand for electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

It is assumed that by 2030 a network of hydrogen refueling stations of 1.2 thousand stations will be created. Its cost is estimated at 126 billion rubles. Another 38.5 billion rubles. will go to the hydrogen fuel cell plant.

In the previous version of the program, it was assumed that 163.5 billion rubles will be allocated from the budget and extrabudgetary funds until 2030. Vedomosti does not specify whether this parameter has changed.

About the concept – in the material “Kommersant” “Hold the charge wider.”



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