They crash into the carabinieri in the center of Cagliari, 4 stops

by time news – They crashed into a carabinieri car, after having fled in front of the alt of a nearby checkpoint. The dangerous and spectacular accident happened tonight in Cagliari, in the very central Largo Carlo Felice where four young people, after the impact with the military car, which was destroyed, tried to get away on foot. But reached by the men of the police, they were stopped and taken to the barracks.

The singular scene took place in front of dozens of passers-by who, in the heart of the Cagliari nightlife, enjoy the liberties provided by the white zone, with bars that close at 9 pm and restaurants at 11 pm. Carabinieri and police rushed to the scene in force. The four arrested had marijuana in the car and this could be the reason that prompted them to ignore the carabinieri halt. They are all men between 24 and 30 years old.


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