Tokyo Paralympics, no saber competition for Bebe Vio

Paralympics 2021, “unfortunately no saber competition. This time it goes like this. I hope to be able to give you explanations after the competitions. Thanks to all those who believed in me and in this mission which was not impossible but only postponed”. Baby saw intervenes via Instagram on her absence on the platform today in Tokyo at the first race, which would have seen her in the unprecedented role of Olympic saber.


The Italy of swimming has meanwhile broken the ice at the Aquatics Center in Tokyo with 15 of its 29 athletes already engaged in the first session of the morning heats. Simone Barlaam, informs the Paralympic Committee, was the first blue to compete in the Japanese Paralympics, qualifying for the final with the third absolute time of the 400 freestyle S9 (4’17 “95), as well as the standard-bearer of the Ceremony of opening Federico Morlacchi (4’25 ”33), ahead with the seventh time.

Carlotta Gilli also very well, entered the final of the 100 butterfly S13 with the best time (1’04 “16), with the other blue Alessia Berra (1’07” 42) who signed the third time match and Efrem Morelli, plus quick of all in the 100 breaststroke SB3 (49 ”35). In the 200 S5 freestyle, both Francesco Bocciardo (2’35 ”44) among men and Monica Boggioni (2’53” 67) advance with the second time.

In the 100 freestyle S8, Alberto Amodeo’s sixth time to access the final (1’00 “08), while Angela Procida made the fourth in the 100 backstroke S2 ​​(2’40” 54). In the 50 freestyle, pass conquered by Stefano Raimondi (4th in 23 ”89) and Alessia Scortechini (5th in 28” 55). Eliminated, however, in the 50 S10 freestyle Riccardo Menciotti (25 “59), as well as Arianna Talamona in the 50 S6 freestyle (38” 89), Vittoria Bianco in the 400 S9 freestyle and Federico Bicelli in the S8 100 freestyle (1 ‘ 01 “37). The final sessions will start at 10 am (5 pm local time, live on Rai channels).


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