what is it and how can it affect humans?

what is it and how can it affect humans?

2023-06-06 17:39:00

Bovine tuberculosis -caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium bovis- It is a chronic infectious disease that affects cows, oxen and bulls, among other species. And, contrary to what it seems from its name, humans are not exempt from contagion.

Although the main foci of the condition are in Africa and certain parts of Asia, it is also found in Europe and America. And in this sense, according to the 2022 data published in the veterinary journal Animals Health, Spain is among the 3 most affected European countries by zoonotic tuberculosis in people, second only to Sweden and Ireland.

now a recent easing of livestock controls in Castilla y León -autonomous community that concentrates a large part of the bovine census (21.7%) in Spain- makes both farmers and consumers resume their concern about this disease.

How is bovine tuberculosis transmitted and diagnosed in animals?

Between animals, contagion can occur by droplet inhalation infected that a sick animal expels when coughing, or also indirectly, through the feed intake contaminated.

The disease evolves slowly in the organism of the animals, who can be infected for months and even years until they die. This makes a single animal can spread the bacteria throughout the herd before manifesting the symptomsWhat are they:

  • Weakness
  • intermittent cough
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite and weight
  • Fever
  • large lymph nodes

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