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With Joe Biden she shares a speech problem she struggled with when she was a child along with a hearing processing disorder. But he may have another point of contact with the president: al New York Times said he wanted to run in the presidential elections of 2036. Dreams, talent, battles of new star which brought light to the inauguration ceremony of the 46 president of the United States of America: Amanda Gorman, 22, African American from Los Angeles, a BA in Sociology with honors from Harvard, activist, the youngest poet to ever star in a presidential inauguration ceremony as well as claiming the title of National Youth Poet Laureate.

Gorman, who has one million followers on Instagram, starred in his The Hill We Climb, which ended after the January 6 violence on Capitol Hill. Reading his verses, the young woman – catching everyone’s attention – hinted at her personal experience as a skinny African American girl raised by a single mother who dreamed of becoming president one day and today plays in the inauguration of a president. Being American – he said – is more than a pride that we inherit; the past we enter and how we fix it. And again: Even when we suffered we grew up, even when we got hurt we hoped and when we got tired we tried. We will not be pushed back or bent by intimidation because we know that our inaction and inertia will become the future.

Chosen by Jill Biden, who had heard her at a congressional recital, Amanda Gorman did not receive stringent indications for her speech on January 20, and in The Hills We Climb, inspired by the theme of the Inauguration Day America United, she evoked a new chapter without glossing over the divisions that preceded the inauguration: We saw a force that would have destroyed our country if it meant postponing democracy. This effort almost succeeded. But if it can be periodically postponed, democracy can never be permanently destroyed.

Born in 1998 to a teacher mother, talented and beautiful (her red headband in her hair and the yellow coat by Prada did not go unnoticed), Gorman is out with the children’s book (already bookable) Change sings (Penguin Random House), while in 2015 he published the book of poems The One for Whom Food Is Not Enough. With an oratory that for many approached hera John Kennedy e a Martin Luther King, Gorman thrilled those present by saying: Ricowe will build, reconcile and recover. His site theamandagorman.com.

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