“Yes, your son is a monster.” Then the apologies – Corriere TV

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2023-06-04 19:59:19

The presenter opens «Domenica In» remembering Giulia Tramontano, killed by her boyfriend in Senago. Immediate criticism on social media

Mara Venier opens «Sunday In» remembering Julia Tramontano, the 29-year-old, seven months pregnant, killed by her boyfriend in Senago, in the Milanese area.  «A thought for the girl and her child, a hug for the young woman’s family», says the presenter. «Giulia was killed, it is a chilling story, a story that has affected all of us in an impressive way. I would like to send a hug, from all of us at Domenica In, to Giulia’s family».

Then he turns to the mother of Alessandro Impagnetiello, the 30-year-old in prison for the murder: «I would also like to send her a hug,» he says. And she continues: «Madam, you did an interview, where you say, “forgive me, please forgive me, because my son is a monster”». And before sending the advertisement, the presenter comments: “Yes ma’am, you, your son, are a monster”.

These words have sparked a vehement social controversy so much so that the name of the TV presenter ended up among the trending topics of Twitter.

Shortly after, Mara Venier’s clarification on the air: «I didn’t want to be critical of Alessandro’s family. I saw the mother’s interview with «Live life» and it was heartbreaking to see this poor mother suffer in this way».

«If I made a mistake, I apologize – she added -, but I am also close to her family. She is facing enormous pain: she has wracked me with pain. We are close to you too, if I made a mistake I apologize, I want to immediately dampen the controversies that are going around ».

Here the interview with Alessandro Impgnatiello’s mother

Here the article on the minutes of the other woman who had an affair with Impagnatiello: «Nine minutes of the call after the murder, he was agitated and sweaty. He told me, lying: “Julia is sleeping” Â » (LaPresse)

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