“Yesh Atid” appealed to the Ombudsman to request the opening of a criminal investigation against Netanyahu and the Likud

Yesterday (Sunday), the organization Fake Reporter published information on its Twitter account that teaches about the existence of a network of Twitter accounts, which were all established at the same time, just after the announcement of an election campaign. According to the investigation, the network of accounts is identified with right-wing elements in general, and with the chairman of the opposition, MK Benjamin Netanyahu, in particular.

Following the publication, the Yesh Atid party appealed to the legal advisor to the government through attorney Oded Gazit with a request to instruct the relevant investigative authorities to conduct a thorough, rapid, real-time investigation regarding the investigation, in order to stop the danger that other parties may see the avoidance of an investigation as a “green light” to continue breaking the law.

On behalf of the Yesh Atid party, it was stated: “We have contacted the Legal Advisor to the Government so that she opens an investigation and checks who is behind the bots that promote Netanyahu’s people. We cannot allow the poison machine to do as it pleases, and play with the minds of the Israelis.”

Photo: Knesset spokeswoman – Dani Shem Tov

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