all the answers from gynecologists –

all the answers from gynecologists –
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At least three million compatriots with a full-blown diagnosis, but many could suffer from it without knowing it. Too many diagnoses come late

How to get reliable information about endometriosis? Who to contact if you suspect you have this condition? Where to find an expert center in your region? The answers to these and other questions can be obtained by calling, leaving from 28 Marchworld endometriosis day, the public service toll-free number 800 592 782 attributed to the Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Sigo), accredited by the Ministry of Health. They answer gynecologists
endometriosis expertsfrom Monday to Friday, from 9 to 17.

Free service

It is estimated that in Italy about 10-15% of women of reproductive age are affected by endometriosis, which can be cause of infertility in 30-50 percent of cases. Circa three million compatriots have a full-blown diagnosis, but many may suffer without knowing it.
It is a subtle and disabling disease that could be present but not yet diagnosed – explains Nicola Colacurci, president of Sigo and full professor of gynecology at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” -. Endometriosis has a strong social impact and on women’s quality of life who suffers from it, by decreasing, for example, his working capacity and also his reproductive potential. Often women consult many doctors without having precise answers, so the diagnosis comes late but, instead, it is essential that it be timely – underlines the president of Sigo -. For this reason, we have activated the toll-free number of public utility: starting from 28 March, women with symptoms that suggest endometriosis, or who already suffer from it, can call to get a cfree consultation from expert gynecologists but also receive information on the reference centers of the Region where they live so as to be assisted adequately and in a shorter time.

Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis can make all the difference. Recognize endometriosis right away
it means anticipating the search for the right therapeutic pathways and concretely helping women who suffer from it – explains Annalisa Frassineti, president of the Endometriosis Project Association, APE Odv -. Unfortunately, it still happens to wait years before getting diagnosedabove all in some regions and, after a long wandering among doctors, having to move too hundreds of kilometers, outside the Region. However, a diagnostic delay – underlines Frassineti – means not starting treatment promptly, as well as causing negative consequences on the physical and mental health of women.

Doctors training

Another sore point training. As patients – says the president of APE – we feel the need for the choice of deepening the knowledge of endometriosis not to be left to the good will of the individual professional, but for the State to take care of the training of doctors, so that they all have the basic knowledge to recognize and diagnose the disease – underlines Frassineti -. For our part, as an association, we try to create disease awareness throughout the year, and not just during the day, as well as promoting training courses, the most recent aimed at 20 young doctors and financed thanks to the 5 per thousand funds.

Dedicated portal

At the institutional level continues the P
Agenas endometriosis projectNational Agency for Regional Health Services, to promote both knowledge of the disease (and possible treatment pathways) through the dedicated portal, meetings organized on the territory and in schoolsbe there training of doctors of general medicine and professionals of gynecology structures and infertility centres. Hearing women’s voices continues to be one of the information courses aimed at overcoming prejudices, silences and fears; in scope
of the dialogue point of view column, in collaboration and with the participation of the APE Association, the online meetings with experts continue. Coming online appointments on March 29 and April 4.

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