It seemed made for Depay al Barcelona and instead it was inserted at the last la Juventus which offered the Dutch playmaker 8 million a year for three years. Barcelona had offered him 5 but will probably raise with a four-year deal. However, with this offer Juventus is very close to Dutch talent.

Depay between Juventus and Barcelona

After Georginio Wijnaldum’s no, Barcelona were about to close Depay’s engagement. For the Catalan newspaper Sport, the Catalan club was ready to announce the signing of the day after tomorrow Memphis Depay. According to the newspaper, the agreement between the parties had already been reached and the goal was to formalize the transfer before the start of the European Championship. But Juventus entered the last game and offered him more. Now the passage of Depay at Juventus it would seem like a done deal. In fact, Barcelona will hardly offer him more than that amount.

Even Pogba at Juventus?

Paul pogba could go back to Juventus at the court of Massimiliano Allegri and to give the Juventus fans hope, the Frenchman himself took care of it, answering Claudio Marchisio. For Pogba it would be a return to the team in which he exploded with Conte first and with Allegri after. That Juventus need spare parts in midfield is a fact given that it is the department that has most disappointed last season. This is why the focus is on Pogba who has a contract expiring with Manchester United in 2022.

Pogba to Juventus, the answer to Marchisio

Commenting on a Pogba post, Marchisio, that with Pogba played 4 years, asked the 2016 World Champion to return. The response sparked the Juventus fans: “Ok Prince. Next destination Turin“. Maybe just a joke but that’s enough to fuel the market bomb.

For Pogba, contract expiring in 2022 and risk of freeing himself on a free transfer when he turns 29: for this reason, without a renewal on the horizon, it seems possible a transfer to monetize, in Liga, Ligue 1 or Serie A.

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