Green cosmetics, here comes the makeup pencil that can be planted


The world’s first make-up pencil that sticks after use has arrived. Sprout World, the Danish company that created the only plantable drawing pencils, invented the first eyeliner with a capsule at the end containing some seeds. Just plant the pencil upside down, once it has become too short to be used, and after a few days beautiful wild flowers will be born.

The idea was born in the company, where moreover about 80% of employees are women, during a creative workshop in which it was the workers who pointed out that among the products of daily use and that each one always had with her, there was just a makeup pencil and in particular the eye pencil. The pencil is an innovation that aims to stimulate the cosmetics industry to move towards greater sustainability, also considering that every year produces about 120 billion of plastic waste.

The Sprout eyeliner was developed, at the end of a complex process of research and gestation that lasted a few years, to contain only the best natural ingredients and to ensure maximum sustainability in all steps and components and to be 100% biodegradable. The pencil is free of microplastics and produced with wood from sustainable cultivation.

The formula is totally natural, certified against allergies, enriched with castor oil and other nutrients and also suitable for vegans, as it does not contain components of animal origin. The capsule that contains the seeds that will then give life to the wild flowers is made of compostable cellulose with a coating produced from cane sugar, and therefore also recyclable and compostable. The pencil is produced in Europe according to ethical standards also from the social point of view and the conditions of the workers.

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The make-up pencil was previewed in a limited version in 3 countries, Italy, Sweden and Denmark. Italy was chosen both for the size of its market, one of the largest in Europe, and for the sensitivity and growing demand for green products by consumers. The product will gradually be made available in other countries around the world, in the second half of the year. To implement development and commercialization Sprout is open to collaboration with local partners. The next step is the launch of the eyebrow pencil, which can also be planted, scheduled for summer.


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