How about compulsory voting?

BerlinIt is not only East Germans who know that being able to participate in free elections is priceless, who have gained their experience of “folding paper” in GDR elections. It is just as important to be able to stay away from an election without fear of sanctions. At the same time, a worrying development is emerging: in the 1972 federal election, the turnout was 91 percent, in 2017 it was 76 percent, the lowest value was 71 percent. How is it going this time?

On the one hand, the most exciting election in ages is coming: the Merkel era has come to an end, and completely new, interesting coalitions are possible. Big changes are also taking place globally. On the other hand, the election campaign is limping along so uninspired that the polling-wearers will hardly feel motivated to come to the polls. Participation is unlikely to increase.



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