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Chennai- Produced by Aamir Khan, Lalsingh Chadha’s film will release on 11th in multiple languages ​​including Tamil. The film is being released by actor Udayanidhi in Tamil Nadu.

At the promotional event of the film, Udayanidhi said: I have seen Aamir Khan and Urmila starrer Rangeela after ‘cut’ to school. I am a big fan of Aamir Khan. I can’t believe that I am releasing the film in which he acted. We are releasing a lot of films under ‘Red Giant’ company. I thought we will at least leave the Hindi film. Aamir Khan spoke directly.

I agreed to publish the film without seeing it. Then, when we saw the film, it is a world-class film. We said, ‘Don’t know Hindi,’ because of the imposition of Hindi. We’re not saying you shouldn’t learn a language. Anyone can learn any language. But don’t force yourself to learn Hindi. This is DMK’s policy. Udayanidhi spoke like this.

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‘Business is big!’

‘Grandfather Karunanidhi opposed Hindi in Tamil; Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai posted a post teasing that his grandson Udhayanidhi is buying a Hindi film starring Aamir Khan and releasing it in Tamil Nadu. His ‘Twitter’ post said: ‘Hindi will not be allowed to enter Tamil Nadu in any form’, Udhayanidhi’s grandfather, former Chief Minister Karunanidhi had said. Current MLA, Vana’s grandson Udayanidhi has said that he will buy actor Aamir Khan’s Hindi film, Lal Singh Satta and distribute it in Tamil Nadu. What is clear from this is that they prioritize business over politics, it says.

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