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of Alessandro Bocci

Widespread pirate recordings of 10 years ago, also with accusations against two flags of Madrid: former goalkeeper Casillas and Raúl. The N. 1: “They punish me for the Super League”

Florentino Perez against the stars of Real Madrid and, one might say, a little also against himself. Especially the legends of the team are in the sights, first the goalkeeper Casillas and then Raul, now too Mourinho, the prosecutor Mendes and Cristiano Ronaldo. The attack on CR7 was particularly hard: «Un crazy, a imbecile, a man sick. You believe that it is normal but it is not, otherwise it would not do the things it does », the president accuses to an unknown interlocutor, without knowing that he is registered.

It is good to remember that the interceptions on Ronaldo are almost ten years old and confirm the egotism of the n.1 of the Casa blanca. Florentino quickly gets tired of the favorites of the Casa Blanca. It also happened with Zidane, just to stay up to date. Zizou has won three Champions in a row with Madrid, but when he was recalled to handle a delicate situation, Pérez and his loyalists worked hard to weaken his bench.

The interceptions are also acidic towards Mendes and do not spare Mou, Real coach from 2010 to 2013. «Jorge Mendes has no authority over Ronaldo and not even over Mourinho. Zero. We are talking about two people with huge egos, both rude and who do not see the reality of things. They would make more money if they did things differently. They are two abnormal », the text published by The confidential.

Those relating to Casillas and Raúl, who coached the second Madrid team last season, refer to 2006, but they are no less serious: the two are defined a burden and not flags as universally recognized. Pérez, pulled in the middle of the storm, was forced to deny what he could deny. «The sentences about Casillas and Raúl were pronounced in conversations illegally recorded by Mr. Abellán that has been trying to sell them for years without success. It is surprising that, despite having been so long, they are being published now and maybe it happened because of my job as a super league promoter. They are single sentences taken from a wider context ».

As for the accusations against the Portuguese, Florentino retracted by speaking withThe ball: «I have a wonderful relationship with Mendes, based on respect and esteem. His collaboration with us has always been professional and transparent. Had it not been so, it would not have been possible to build the relationship we have, as much with him as with the people he represents, especially Ronaldo and Mourinho“. Maybe Florentino and Mendes will not talk to each other for a few weeks: but at the first opportunity, you can swear, they will make another deal together.

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