The surprising name Judge gave to her new daughter

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Earlier this month the singer became Rotem Shefi Or as she is known by her professional name – judgment, To mother after giving birth to her eldest daughter. A judge who burst into our lives in the reality show “The Next Eurovision Star” and qualified for the grand finale, announced the birth on social media, sharing a picture of her new daughter’s little hands and wrote: “My little baby Judge”, adding: “She’s amazing I’m devastated.

Now, two and a half weeks after the birth, Shifita reveals the name chosen, and yes it’s not just a name but with meaning to Shfita’s musical career. So get to know G The baby, named after the musical note. The name was shared by Shafita again on social media, this time with a photo of her daughter’s sweet legs next to the caption: “My little baby, Sol.”

Judge introduces her daughter’s new name (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

As you may recall, the 37-year-old singer was born along with her musician husband Dvir palm Their first daughter. Just two years ago, the singer shared on Instagram that she underwent an egg freezing procedure and a year later she typically declared that she was expecting a baby first, when she wrote: “What happens to me souls of judgment? Listen cute we have a problem. I do not know how, when or where Maybe because I once came back from a show and we stopped at a gas station and sat on the toilet? Or was it at all in Ofra in the chemical toilets, where I also sat on the toilet. “What to do? What the fuck to do? Come on.”

Judgment (Photo: Instagram screenshot)Judgment (Photo: Instagram screenshot)


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