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PARIS – «We are the nation of science, of Louis Pasteur, of the Enlightenment. If science offers us a weapon like vaccination, we must use it as much as possible, “says President Emmanuel Macron a moment before announcing the compulsory vaccination by 15 September for anyone in contact with fragile people: doctors and nurses in hospitals but also operators in nursing homes. “Nine million ready-made doses are waiting for you: French, get vaccinated,” says Macron, in a solemn appeal to the “summer mobilization” to stop the spread of the Delta variant and prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by new infections.

“We will bring the brunt of new restrictions to those who are not vaccinated,” Macron says. “From 21 July, only the vaccinated or the people tested negative will be able to enter the places of culture, for example cinemas and museums, which welcome more than 50 people. It is not yet a mandatory vaccination, but the importance of the health pass will be extended, ”says Macron. After the vote on a law, in August the health pass will also become essential for entering bars, restaurants, airplanes and trains.

This is an important speech, Macron has the courage to pose fundamental distinction between citizens who had “the civic sense to get vaccinated” and the others who still stall. The government has so far been very sympathetic to the many French reluctant to get vaccinated, especially at the beginning of the campaign. In January, France was at the bottom of Europe also because the procedures were slow and complex and it took five days of reflection to express one’s “informed consent” and receive the dose.

In recent months, vaccination has intensified, today the French who have received one dose are 52% and those with two 35%. The average of cases is almost 4,000 per day and patients in intensive care are close to 1,000. Above all, the curve of the Delta variant, much more contagious than the previous ones, shows that at this rate, the fourth wave of the epidemic is almost inevitable.

The only way to avoid it would be the resorting to mass vaccination without hesitation and with no more understanding for no vaxes, and that’s what Macron seems to be preparing when he says that the vaccine is not “yet” mandatory for everyone. After long philosophical-constitutional debates, the principle has now passed that the choice not to get vaccinated is no longer respectable. The government could then think of measures for travelers who come or return from areas considered at risk this summer, such as Spain or Portugal.

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