Zoologists named new frog species after rock band Led Zeppelin

Zoologists from Ecuador have found a new species of frog. It is endemic to the rain frog Pristimantis, which is found only in the Andes. The new species was named Led Zeppelin, after the legendary British rock band.

The researchers published an article in the scientific journal Neotropical Biodiversity.

It described the appearance of an amphibian. Small lumpy skin on the back and sides, a rounded muzzle with a small jaw, truncated discs of the fingers, and unusual black-brown markings and copper-red irises.

In the mountain forests of the Cordillera del Condor region, in recent years, experts have already discovered several completely unknown species of amphibians. However, all of them are threatened with extinction. It is almost impossible to preserve the pristine nature here. The plots are leased to people who are engaged in agriculture, mining and deforestation.


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