A boy whose mother died of cancer dedicates his life to children who have contracted the disease

The boy Gron Hoffman who helps cancer patients, on the left with his family as a child (photo by Daniel Hoffman)

Young Jaron Hoffman, a 12-year-old student from Virginia in the USA, already at an early age tasted the taste of losing someone he loved to cancer. His mother, Kim Hoffman, died last year, shortly before her 42nd birthday. And now, ‘Ron wants to brighten the days of children with cancer as they go through their treatment – and tell them that other people are thinking of them.

Two things inspired him for this important mission: the death of his mother, of course, and also the story of the late Jessie Rees, a 12-year-old girl from California who fought valiantly with cancer from March 2011 to January 2012 – and who, during the period of the fight, made sure to help other children with cancer.

Out of her kindness, she created a project with her family to reach others with fun gifts and sincere encouragement. Just as she shared kindness with others, Jaron Hoffman’s main project this year — aside from school, swimming and other activities — is sharing kindness with complete strangers.

It’s about showing kids with cancer that someone out there cares about them – even as the scientific, medical and health professionals do their part to work on the cure for cancer.

People who care can “donate jars of joy to children in need”. And the children, right now, can experience this gift of consideration.

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This fall, Jaron Hoffman will get into tangible action as he helps raise money for a very good cause: He’s attending an event on October 8 at Tyson’s Sport and Health in McLean, Virginia.

Along with his father, his younger brother, Nathan, and many other families and participants, Jaron Hoffman will fill plastic “joy jars” with children’s toys – and decorate these containers and adapt them to the children’s specific interests and loves.

“The children with cancer can enjoy something… Every child likes different types of toys, and that means they will enjoy it more. Every child is different,” Jaron said. Members of the Reese family will also be in attendance, including Eric Reese, Jessie’s dad – and they will accompany the group as they prepare the jars of joy for children in need.

According to Fox News, to date Jaron Hoffman has raised about $30,000 for this Jesse Reese Foundation effort. It is a beautiful gesture of giving to others in their time of need – and is even more inspiring when you think about the experience of severe loss the boy went through.

Father Eric wrote about his wife’s death from cancer: “She told our children that she would be their guardian angel, and watch over them.” Now her 12-year-old son – and her entire family – are helping others in her honor.

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