Lebanon: Hezbollah’s ammunition depot blown up Watch

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Lebanon: Hezbollah's ammunition depot blown up  Watch

An explosion occurred early Thursday morning in southern Lebanon. According to various estimates in the field from unofficial sources, this is most likely a Hezbollah ammunition depot.

Various media outlets in Lebanon report that around 02:00 many explosions were heard and as a result a large explosion was seen in the uninhabited area between the southern villages in Lebanon, about 20 km aerial from Metula.

Unlike the explosion that took place about a month ago in the Hamas weapons depot in Lebanon, in the present case in Hezbollah, the details are being completely blacked out and the area of ​​the explosion has even been closed – journalists and the media are not allowed to enter the area.

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Prominent report indicates ambulances rushed to the area of ​​the blast, but does not specify whether there were any injured and how many. As a result, the cause of the said explosion has not yet been determined.

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