Kiriyenko called on the IT industry to self-regulation

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The Russian IT industry needs to work on self-regulation against the background of very high rates of implementation of the necessary controls, said First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of Russia Sergei Kiriyenko at a meeting that took place as part of the 25th Anniversary Russian Internet Forum (RIF). This was reported to “Vedomosti” in the press service of the Russian Association for Electronic Communications.

“The rest of the world is much tougher. Because the pace of implementation of the necessary regulation is very high. We are forced to establish rules in many areas at once, and here there is a feeling that there was no such rule before, but now there is, it means the state is “gesturing.” How to get away from this? The way out is in self-regulation, ”he said.

As an example of self-regulation, Kiriyenko cited the removal of links to pirated content by Yandex at the request of copyright holders.

Kiriyenko noted that with the growth of the Internet audience and the number of digital services in Russia, possible digital threats also increase. Among the main ones, he singled out the uncontrolled collection and leakage of personal data of users, the limitation and distortion of the information received by their users by platforms, the lack of moderation of illegal content by Internet sites, the monopolization of markets by foreign platforms, ousting domestic developers, etc.

To comply with the “rules of the game”, according to Kiriyenko, market transparency is necessary, which must be ensured by the recently introduced bills on a unified system for accounting for online advertising and mandatory measurements of the audience on the Internet.

“Now it is impossible to say exactly what market share this or that service occupies. And hence the antitrust regulation and taxes. And when it comes to ecosystems, attention markets, we cannot rely on platform self-reporting, ”he added.

A bill on compulsory measurements of the audience on the Internet was submitted to the State Duma by the deputy, a member of the United Russia faction, Anton Gorelkin.

The bill, in particular, proposes to conduct, by August 1, 2021, the selection of an organization authorized to measure the audience on the Internet by analogy with measurements on television (now the research company Mediascope is the only TV meter). It is assumed that the organization will be selected by Roskomnadzor. The draft law envisages the formation by Roskomnadzor, based on the proposals of a special commission, of a register of resources, the audience of which is subject to research.

The owners of information resources, the audience of which is subject to research, must provide the authorized organization with the opportunity to conduct research, which will be carried out “by installing the software used by the authorized organization for electronic computers, and / or by providing the authorized organization with the data necessary for conducting research.”


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